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New Social Medialized version of SmartJobBoard

Posted: 17.03.2014
SmartJobBoard has prepared a new major version containing a vast number of global features and universal improvements. The platform has become even more social and even more versatile. We believe that the new SmartJobBoard can become a powerful up-to-date recruitment business tool for our customers.
One of the core renovations of the release is closer integration with social media. After a job is posted employers can now share this job further on their social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+) in a pair of clicks and not leaving the job board. Job board owner has got an option to automatically export new jobs on social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well. Moreover, all social networks settings were grouped in a separate ‘Social Media’ section of Admin Panel for better access and management.
Among other new features are:
  • Option for users to post jobs and resumes before checkout.
  • Advanced reports for employers.
  • Improvements related to promotion codes.
  • Possibility to save online resumes in PDF format.
  • Separate ‘Manage Jobs’ and ‘Manage Resumes’ sections in Admin Panel.
  • Option to select jobs expiration date for employers.
  • Setting for currency sign position to display before or after amount.
  • New ‘Juju’ job source plugin (www.job-search-engine.com).
  • Automatic system backups.
  • Optimized search engine.
  • and more…
We have also added a huge number of substantial improvements for users and job board owners to make their job board journey easier. Besides, a profound work was done on the optimization of SmartJobBoard search engine and software architecture.
Moreover, since version 4.2 SmartJobBoard has changed the pricing and support policies for Owned License. Now the Owned License will cost only $379 but will include one month of free Support Service. For customers who need to extend the support it will cost $49 per month after.
Our customers can download 4.2 version from the Client Area and install it from scratch. Customers having Upgrade Service active can perform an automatic update from ver. 4.1 to 4.2 using automatic updater in Admin Panel. If your Upgrade Service is expired you can contact our Sales Department at sales@smartjobboard.com and activate it.
The full list of the new features and improvements can be found in our changelog.
Check our live Demo to see the version 4.2 in action.

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