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New Social Medialized version of SmartJobBoard

Posted: 17.03.2014
SmartJobBoard has prepared a new major version containing a vast number of global features and universal improvements. The platform has become even more social and even more versatile. We believe that the new SmartJobBoard can become a powerful up-to-date recruitment business tool for our customers.

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Totally New SmartJobBoard Mobile Version

Posted: 08.04.2013
SmartJobBoard would like to announce the release the new Mobile Version. It is new because it has completely new  design, it has become user-friendly and it has got new features!

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We are proud to announce the release of the new stable SmartJobBoard version 4.1

Posted: 02.07.2012

4.1 is the natural sequel of the global version 4.0 containing even more vital features and improvements.

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The Newest 3.4 Version of SmartJobBoard Software is Released!

Posted: 28.09.2011

SmartJobBoard team informs about the launch of the newest 3.4 software version.

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New paid templates are available!

Posted: 01.09.2011

We are glad to announce the availability of three new paid templates for users of SmartJobBoard software.

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Social Add-ons for Job Boards from SmartJobBoard

Posted: 01.09.2011

SmartJobBoard is glad to announce the release of LinkedIn and FaceBook add-ons for job boards.

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SmartJobBoard forum launch

Posted: 14.09.2010

We’re glad to announce the launch of SmartJobBoard forum – the place where our customers can talk and share their experience.

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